Friday, 29 June 2012

My Kit Favourites: Make Up For Ever's Face and Body Foundation.

I have been loving and using this foundation for so long, I can no longer remember how I heard about it. I am guessing it must have been many moons ago when I was just starting out and researching my kit.

With the dawn of HD makeup this super easy to use wonder often gets forgotten and I struggle to understand why. It is my "go to" foundation on almost every job because I know how well it performs on pretty much every skin type.

The "blurb" from Make Up For Ever says:
The gel texture of the Face and Body Liquid Make Up is light, fresh and meltingly smooth. It evens out the complexion and leaves a thin layer of powder on the skin, for a very natural finish.
This is all true. The thing I love most about this foundation is its amazing layering capabilities. You can build up layer after layer on the areas that need it and it never looks heavy or chalky. You can apply it in a multitude of different ways too. Applying a small amount with your fingers gives a very natural, even and slightly dewy finish. Layering with a flat foundation brush gives flawless, poreless complextions and then there is my new favourite way which is dotting it all over the skin and buffing it in with the Real Techiniques stippling brush (another love of mine). Instant, natural perfect skin.

It feels great when its being applied. Almost like water because of its slightly gel like texture. I also find that it has an instant cooling effect to the skin too. Which is a god send when working on flustered Brides and Bridesmaids. Mothers of the Bride always love this age friendly formulation. It doesnt settle into fine lines and wrinkles and when applied in upward motions, the gel gives the feeling of slight tightening. Nothing extreme, but it does make the skin feel plumper.

Without F & B:With F & B
 Let us not forget about the "Body" part of this little gem. On shoots I use it on arms, hands etc so that if the model brings her hands to her face both the texture and colour are the same between the two. Tan lines, uneven skin tone and a quick fix if (like me) the models legs are slightly mottled. This happens a lot to very fair skinned models and in the interest of "science" I have taken a picture of my totally supermodel like pins (I mean the bowling kind) for you to see the difference. This is just one layer, applied very quickly when I was watching the TV.  I have come to realise and understand that this kind of behaviour is perfectly acceptable so I will comment on it no further and just let you see the results.

I use this foundation so often and in so many different ways that I had to stop myself from rambling. Or at least I hope I did! I have also come to realise that it is perfectly acceptable to get this excited about a foundation (or any makeup for that matter) so its all good. Right?! Right.

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